The Episode of a Lifetime, “The Long Night” GoT (S8E3)

By Malcolm Major:

On April 17, 2011 Game of Thrones released its first ever episode, “Winter is Coming.” Unfortunately for all of the living characters currently in Game of Thrones, winter is here.  For fans all across the world, we’ve been waiting for winter to come for nearly a decade.

The final season’s third episode, “The Long Night,” is arguably the most highly anticipated show in the history of television. Eyes will be glued to flat screens, projectors and TV’s for the longest battle in film or TV history, surpassing the Lord of the Rings “Battle of Helm’s Deep.” This monumental episode is the longest episode in Game of Thrones history, consisting of 82 minutes of bone chilling intensity and suspense. There were 750 people on scene for the filming and it took 55 days an extraordinary battle scene. The best way I can fathom what “The Long Night” entails is “The Battle of the Bastards,” (S6E9) 2.0 because it took 25 days to record that battle scene.

Depending on who survives this episode determines a lot going forward for the rest of the season. I’m expecting an exceptional amount of second and third tier characters to die such as Grey Worm, Beric Dondarrion, Dolorous Edd, Podrick, and Lyanna Mormont. I’m also expecting some first tier characters to die as well such as Brienne, Tormund, Jorah Mormont and Theon Greyjoy.

Don’t be surprised to see some of these characters die and become another wight in the Night Kings army.

Fellow Game of Thrones fan Michael McDonald, has been watching the series since 2011 when season one first aired. He had a lot of mixed emotions heading into this episode. McDonald stated, “I don’t really know what to expect heading into this episode. Being a tenured Game of Thrones fan, I’ve formed an emotional bond with my favorite characters in the show such as Theon Greyjoy, Pod, Tormund and Brienne. It’s going to be a tough pill to swallow dealing with anyone of their deaths if they were to be killed.”

That’s the beauty of Game of Thrones. The plot, storyline and action scenes are phenomenal but the character development is arguably the best part of the show. You would think after witnessing so many deaths throughout the eight seasons you’ll become accustomed to it but it’s inevitable to not feel away when one of your favorite characters die.

Even for Game of Thrones fans who just started watching the series a few months ago can attest to the emotional bond formed with certain characters. Goran Krasic is one of those fans and says,

“Although I started watching Thrones a few months prior to season eight being released, I feel like a lifelong fan. Binge watching season after season at a very fast rate is a key factor to the fan and character bond I have with Tormund, Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys etc. I learned back in season one to refrain from getting too attached but if Tormund for example was to die in this battle/episode that’ll genuinely hurt me. He’s a great fighter and is one of the funniest characters in the show. Hopefully we don’t lose any of the Stark children (including Aegon “Jon Snow” Targaryen) because that family has been through more than enough.”

Death is inevitable during this episode it’s just a matter of who dies. Episode 3, “The Long Night” will go down as one of the most iconic and impressive works of television production ever. Winter is here.

(Entertainment Weekly)

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