Music Vs. The Artists Views: Kanye West

By Leilah Bruno:

On Easter Sunday, Kanye West held a big Sunday service which took place on the last day of Coachella. Kanye’s Sunday Services have been a constant event that consist heavily on music instead of the usual sermons. It all started in Kim and Kanye’s home, where they hosted these services before moving it to a different location each week.


In his services, Kanye usually sings classic gospel songs and his popular songs along with his Sunday service choir, giving every one of his songs a gospel touch. The Sunday Services used to be invite only with guests having to sign a nondisclosure form but on the second week of Coachella, West held the event at the festival with more than 50,000 people in attendance.

Lately Kanye has been under more scrutiny and has had his “Black card” under review for sometime. The biggest reason for that is his views and his support of the President Donald Trump. With many people of color not in favor of Trump and his views, they are taken aback by such a big star figure supporting someone who may not have them in his best interest.

USA Today

So can people separate an artist music from their views both politically and non politically? Natasha Rothwell, a black writer and actress who wrote the hit show Insecure tweeted publicly she cannot support a man who supports the racist, homophobic president.

Yeah, no. I REFUSE to support a man who proudly supports a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, Islamaphobic, anti-Semitic president whos polices endanger the very people who subsidized his career jut because he’s selling redemption dressed up in church clothes. GTFOH.

Natasha Rothwell

On a Twitter poll, I asked “Can you separate and artists’ views from their music, specifically Kanye West?” Out of 39 votes 56% of people said yes and 44% of people said no.

Kanye is not the only artist who has clearly stated his view on a situation and had fans “cancel” him. Daniel Caesar suffered the same faith when he defended an internet personal, YesJulz who is being dubbed as a “culture vulture” for stating racist remarks. Caesar then went on Instagram live and defended her asking fans why they were being both mean to her and white people which resulted to many fans being confused on why he was defending someone who would only bash others.

Daniel Caesar was among the first and only ‘guys’ to defend Kanye’s slavery comments and you actually thought he wouldn’t defend Yesjulz??

Mother of Draggings

This generation of young adults now, Generation Z, are already known to stand out on their views of race, environmental climate changes and issues that may arise in the government. They are also known to be the most diverse and well educated as well as being are more open on social trends which includes their thoughts on music. When asked the question, one student replied,

“No (I cannot separate an artists views from their music) because ultimately someones political views dictates a lot of what they support and where that money goes. So if I don’t agree with an artists political views, despite how good their music is, boycotting their music takes money out of their pockets and their views.”

Assumption Student Edil Yassin ’20

Although there are students who cannot, there are also those who can see still appreciate the artists music but not the artists views.

“Yes I can separate them when there’s some differences, however if the artist is strongly opinionated in one matter (opposite views of myself) such as abortion or laws that effect minorities then it may be difficult. If the artist is genuine with genuine views (even different from my own) I can separate it. But it would be hard for me to listen to someone who feels strongly that women don’t have a say over their own bodies or someone who can break families for example, I would not want to support anyone with those views. “

Assumption Student Sarina Nassar ’19

For many students, and others, it really just depended on what specifically an artist supported. If it was something extreme that one did not agree on, they would lean towards not really supporting the artist or their music for their gain. It really just depended on the love of the music and their beliefs as well.

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