Undergraduate Registration Begins: What do Assumption Students Think?

Sarah Johansson

At 7:00 a.m. on November 10, current Assumption seniors started registering for their last semester of college.  Over the next two weeks all undergraduate students will try to piece together a schedule that hopefully includes all the classes they want at times that fit their studying, eating and sleeping habits.

The list of courses offered for the Spring 2015 semester can be found here.

To see what classes are required in order to graduate and complete majors, minors or interdisciplinary programs, you can view the course catalog here.

Any questions can be directed to the professor for the class, the head of the specific department, or the Registrar.

What do Assumption students think about registration?

Caitlyn Thompson (Junior): “Registering for classes makes me more anxious than taking final exams. As a double major who got most of her gen eds done before sophomore year, finding classes that actually apply towards my major that aren’t wastes of my time and money is extremely difficult due to the limited amount of sections offered of classes I need.”

Sarah Morley (Freshman): “I’m kind of nervous about registration because some of the classes only have one section. It’s also kind of annoying because some of the classes where there are only one section are offered at the same time, but I think the registration process will go pretty smoothly.”

Julianne Armstrong (Junior): “I am always stressed about registration because if I don’t get a good registration time all my classes fill up because all the juniors need the same classes to graduate.  I’m also stressed because some classes are fall or spring only and the closer I get to graduation the more important it is that I get into these classes.”

Trevor Benoit (Senior): “I signed up for two courses that were at the exact same time.  It was with the help of my advisor and the registrar that we were able to make an ultimatum.  I get to be 15 minutes late to class.  It’s unfortunate, but if it means graduating on time then I will take it.”

Meghan Dwyer (Junior): “I think the most stressful part for me is the process before [registration].  The more specific we get into our majors the registration part is easy, it’s just making sure that I can take all of my classes and the times don’t overlap that is the hard part.  If I can’t take one it messes up not only that semester, but all future ones because a lot of the math classes I’m taking are offered only once every two years. If they all work out everything else is fine.”

Chantal Jordan (Freshman): “It’s definitely stressful, but I feel like my advisor helped us decide what to take and how it will fit into our major.”

Julie Dunn (Freshman): “It’s stressful because I had last registration time over the summer, but now I know how to do it and what I want to do with my life so I think now it will be easier.”

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