Stress for Success?

By Julie Craven:


Final exams? Sounds like a scary thought, especially as finals week is here for Assumption students. While some might have one exam, other’s have exams in all their 5 classes, on top of papers and presentations, and the library is where some live for the next couple of days.

After Pup Cup, a weekend full of music, dance, games, and food, it is now time for students to snap back to reality and end the year off with a bang. However, it might not be that easy for some…

“Three exams, 2 papers, and a presentation, it’s been very stressful… I just can’t wait to be done,” says sophomore Talia Rossi.

“I had five papers on top of two exams, it was really time-consuming. I had to make sure I had a enough time to write them and study at the same time,” says sophomore Lauren Healey.

The nerves and stress slowly start to begin as finals are the last chance to prove their success this semester and to keep that GPA strong.

In preparation of final exams, PAWS, an organization at Assumption had a De-stress Fest on Tuesday, May 1st, the day before finals started. Students had the chance to play with animals, win prizes, drink smoothies, get massages, and more!



It was very relaxing time for students to take a break from studying. But, reality started to kick in again.

I got a chance to interview Professor Peter Clemente from the Art and Music Department to see how he feels about final exams…

“I would say in general, it depends on the student and their abilities to prepare and self regulate because if they have those skills I don’t think finals exams are too much. Study, study, study.”

Here’s what students had to say on Twitter …

Although it might be easy for a professor to give an exam, it can also affect how students are sleeping.

“I’ve lost about 4 hours of sleep studying for exams. I’ve been at the library for hours and hours, and I still feel shaky about my exams” says Talia Rossi.

A study from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah conducted a survey to find out if final exams are stressing students out.  It was said that “Sixty-four percent of students worry that their exam stress is negatively affecting their grades and academic performance.” For more information, view the article here.

As the semester is slowly coming to a close, finals week seems like eternity. We all just want one thing: to find out what our final grades are, as we anxiously wait.

Summer is a day away for some people, as the stress slowly starts to fade.

“I am so excited to be done with finals. I just want to sit by my pool and not even think about exams” says Healey.

Have a fun and stress-free summer, Hounds!

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