A Moment to Remember

By: Stephon Hill:

There is a moment in each of our lives that we will remember until the end of time. For some it is a performance, for others it is that time you and your dad went to that game and saw a buzzer beater! On Monday, April 30 the Assumption Greyhound moment of the year came from the field hockey team.

A moment like this doesn’t happen often, but yet it is one that every athlete dreams of since they were able to pick up a ball or stick.

For it to be a huge game, one to take them to the championship no less, and to hit a game winning shot is one of the best feelings one could ever have. It is the moment we all dream about, and the opportunity we all pray for.

Now, the women were going up against some very tough competition, all of which deserved their time in the spotlight.

Cross Country winning their first regional championship and by 1 point no less, is something to commemorate in itself. Our #XCTF have done nothing but improve year after year.

Ryan Gill, a member of the XCTF team commented;

“All of these teams are more than qualified for winning this award. But in my opinion, @AChoundsXCTF being ranked the top team in the region should most definitely have the edge.”

Deonte Harris who is no stranger to this award because the 2015 Assumption Football team won it thanks to their close championship win over New Haven.

His dominating performance of four touchdowns on four touches in the sweet sixteen game against Findlay University was mesmerizing for those in attendance.

Joe Kim, a teammate of Mr. Harris simply replied;

“4 touches and 4TDs? Come on now”

Finally, the Assumption’s Baseball team overcame a massive deficit with key players stepping up such as Andrew Jaehnig, who delivered a base clearing triple to take the lead 6-5 against conference rival, Merrimack.

This was just one of the few comebacks they have mounted this year and were very much in running for the award.

Talking with people on social media and taking a “people’s poll” before and during the actual voting, things seemed to sway in way of Deonte’s four touchdown performance, with XC Regional Champs close on his heels.

But when it came time for the real votes to come in, it was not even close. “FH NE10 Semifinals Win” beat everyone by a landslide.

Dana Mendes, a member of the field hockey team, was proud of the accomplishments of her team and also that the school recognizes their hard work.

“It was uplifting to know that he successes of our team haven’t gone unrecognized; so much that it was nominated and won Moment of the Year. Which goes to show the support we have from our fellow athletes, different athletic programs and school as a whole.”

So congratulations to the Field Hockey for their award, they deserve every bit of the spotlight. I hope they never forget this moment because I’m sure that Assumption will always have that Moment to Remember.

One thought on “A Moment to Remember

  1. Tab

    Whose mans is dis? Very well done son! So proud of your article. Please keep them coming. That was truly an exciting read. #teamstephon


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