5 Things to remember when you’re freaking out over post-grad employment .@AC_CDIC

By: Sara Heath

Fall semester here at Assumption College is coming to a close, and students are preparing for winter break. For the class of 2015, winter break probably means tons and tons of job applications and thus tons and tons of stress.


The AC_301 talked to different Assumption seniors as well as Nikki DiOrio, the director of Assumption’s Career Development and Internship Center, to get the lowdown on this job application process and to come up with the things you need to remember when you’re freaking out over it.

  1. 1. It’s going to happen for you… eventually.

Even though Assumption’s CDIC doesn’t have any statistics about employment for Assumption’s class of 2014 (they collect it for each class year six months after graduation), they can report for the class of 2013, and those reports are promising.

According to DiOrio, 99% of the class of 2013 is employed, enrolled in post-graduate studies or some sort of service program.

So if you’re freaking out over not having a job, remember this: you still have one more semester left; chances are you’ll end up like other Assumption grads and end up employed by the time graduation rolls around.

  1. You have so many other options other than traditional employment after graduation.

If you’re stressing about scoring your run of the mill nine to five job, take a chill pill. You don’t have to fit that kind of mold—try looking into contract work, freelancing or even different internships to get your foot in the employment door.

That’s what senior graphic design major Paola Trabanco plans on doing.

“I don’t have a job but I have an internship for the summer and hopefully that will lead to a job,” she says. “And if I don’t find an immediate job in graphic design, I could pursue either tourism or marketing.”

Heading straight into an office cubicle isn’t always the only option for graduates: take the time to explore internship opportunities or alternative uses for your degree.

  1. Taking a job outside of your major doesn’t mean it’s going to be your last one.

So it’s around June, and none of the jobs you pursued panned out… What next?

Even if your parents are okay with you living in their house for a little bit, you still need to start making some money. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with taking a job that’s completely outside of your major. Picking up the extra cash is always a good thing, and you never know who you could be networking with at that job.

Senior mass communications major Jenna DeMasi is completely willing to take a job outside of her major.

“I would probably take a job outside of my field of study if it paid well, knowing that it wouldn’t be my last job,” she says.

Just because you grab as a waitress or retail job doesn’t mean you’re destined to work in that industry forever. Remember that Assumption gave you a great skill set which prepares you for work; making a little bit of money in one job does not bar you from applying to a better one.

  1. You’re not alone.

Still freaking out about all of this? You’re not the only one.

The future is always scary, whether you have it all figured out or not. It’s a universal feeling of anxiety when thinking about the unknown, so remember that you’re not the only one a little uneasy about your post-grad plans.

Senior human services major Ericka Consolmagno is among the many nervous about her next move.

“Every time I think about my future— job, graduate program, money— I have a minor anxiety attack,” Career-Anxietyshe says. “I’m especially nervous because I’m attempting to completely change directions and create a new definition of nursing using the training I’ve received as a HRS major.”

Whether you’re picking up where you left off with your internship from last summer or looking to forge a brand new job with a brand new company, know that you’re going through the same thing as the rest of your peers. Use this to bond with the rest of the Assumption community and to support each other.

  1. It’s going to take a little bit of time and preparation.

Don’t think this process is going to be easy. Unless you’re really lucky, you might end up submitting multiple applications to multiple different countries. The key is to be patient and let fate run its course.

According to the DiOrio, the best things to do to help with getting a job is getting some experience under your belt with an internship, creating a great online presence and starting early.

“Create a professional image with a great resume and LinkedIn profile,” she says. “The CDIC offers drop-in advising and scheduled appointments to help you create and update your resume and LinkedIn profile and can even take your LinkedIn profile picture. Don’t wait to plan for what you’ll do after graduation. Seniors should begin their graduate school application and job search processes in the fall semester.”


As the Assumption journey comes to a close for the class of 2015, anxiety about the job-getting process starts to build. But by remembering that you’re not the only one going through this and that you’re more than well-prepared for the real world, you’re sure to survive this stressful time.

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