Houndchella AND Sean Kingston? Get ready for a great end to the year!

By Lily O’Connor:

Last week, Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Pup Cup Co-Chairs Chloe Amour and Kenny Allard revealed this year’s Pup Cup theme as well as more information about the annual Spring Concert. Coachella is coming to Worcester with this year’s theme: Houndchella! 

Every year the student body votes on themes for Assumption College’s spring weekend—Pup Cup—and this year it is no surprise Houndchella was announced as the winning theme. Some other options included jungle, Hollywood, nautical and Rock ‘n’ Roll. The theme is a big part of Pup Cup; it leads to Pup Cup t-shirts, and sets an overall tone for the weekend. The event is planned by Chairs, Sub-Chairs, and officers of the freshman and sophomore class, and it will be held Friday April 26th through Saturday April 27th .  

The weekend includes a lot of events, such as a carnival and dance. Co-Chair Kenny Allard said the dance will have “about 4 to 5 food trucks,” even including gluten-free options. He says it is his favorite event, and he loves dancing with his friends. 

Co-Chair Chloe Amour echoes Allard thoughts, saying “it’s going to be a great weekend,” with huge things coming, for example, a lot of inflatables, balloons, decorations, all to mimic the feeling of being at Coachella. 

On the other side of Pup Cup, though, is the conduct rules that are often broken by students. Residents of the Valley—upperclassmen housing—will all receive wristbands. No one under 21 admitted into the Valley during the weekend, unless they are a Valley resident. “Non-Valley students planning on visiting the valley (including external guests) must be 21 years old or older and wear a College issued wristband that identifies them as over 21 (Wristband distribution will be issued at the valley entrance beginning on Friday, April 26th at 4pm until 10pm and on April 27th at 11am until 7pm),” reads an email sent out to the class of 2021. For being in the Valley underage, a student will receive a minimum of 4 conduct points. 

Student Government, the Pup Cup Chairs, Sub-Chairs and administration work closely to make this weekend both safe and successful, which is why they instill these rules. 

The Monday after Pup Cup will be the Spring Concert, hosted by CAB. Though artist Sean Kingston released that he would be performing at Assumption before CAB’s reveal party, there was still more to learn.  

This year the concert will be free for Assumption students! CAB stated that they are unsure if they will allow guests to accompany students to the concert and if so, what their ticket prices would be. The opener, Verona Rose, has two current Assumption College students. Everything is shaping up for a great Spring Concert! 

For any questions about Pup Cup or the Spring Concert, be sure to contact them directly. Pup Cup can be reached on instagram @acpupcup and CAB’s instagram is @ac_cab. 

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