What programs are in store for Assumption University?

By Gina Ledonne:

Late last month, I had the pleasure of attending President Cesareo’s Student Forum in Tsotsis Ballroom to discuss Assumption’s transition to University status.

The discussion began at 5:00pm. President Cesareo was presented by Assumption student Neydi Ramirez. After the introduction, Cesareo began by giving the audience a brief overview of himself and Assumption’s current status in the college community.

As he continued, he began to discuss what exactly will occur when Assumption College becomes known as Assumption University.

“We are hoping that Assumption adapts to the times without forgetting it’s essence.” – President Cesareo.

When asked why Assumption is making this transition, Cesareo said the name itself, Assumption University, will appeal greatly to foreign students. This is because students specifically look for the keyword “university” when searching for post-high school schooling.

Cesareo introduced a series of new opportunities and programs that will be available with University status. He shared the introduction of a finance major, and his desire to incorporate a neuroscience track in psychology to accompany the already activated track in biology.

Cesareo also stated the Department of Natural Sciences will become and be known as the Department of Biological and Physical sciences. The development of a new name for this department will allow the opportunity for various new science programs.

The installation of university status will also introduce greater opportunities for cross-school collaboration with Assumption.

Despite the new programs being added, President Cesareo said the liberal arts will not be abolished when university status is applied.

“The hope for Assumption is to expand our program departments, appeal to a wider variety of students, while also keeping our same morals. We will not become a 25,000 student UMASS Amherst school. That isn’t us. We can’t do that. Instead, we will be offering more opportunities for students while also staying true to ourselves.” – President Cesareo

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