Are Brackets for March Madness Important? 70 Million people Think So

By: Danielle Racicot:

This week the Virginia Cavaliers won their first NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, otherwise known as March Madness! The final game between Virginia and Texas Tech ended in regulation time with both teams tied at 68. During the 5 minute overtime, Virginia pulled away to an 85-77 victory.

ESPN tweeted for the Virginia Cavaliers on their twitter account acknowledging their victory over Texas Tech!

Although, what was happening behind the scenes of the games? March Madness started on March 19, but the preparation before the games goes farther than just the players practicing. According to boydsbets, each year around 70 million people fill out NCAA brackets for this tournament. In hopes of having the “perfect bracket”, people spend countless days trying to pick the right winners. This year, WTOL reports only .02 percent of brackets predicted the final four teams, who were Virginia, Texas Tech, Auburn, and Michigan State. ESPN also had brackets submitted, “ESPN said that out of their 17.2 million entries only 7,928 brackets got the Final Four correct.”

On Final Four weekend, I went around my campus at Assumption College and asked 50-people about their brackets.

4 students had Virginia in their final bracket winning

9 students had Virginia in their final bracket losing

37 students did not have Virginia in their final bracket championship game.

Out of the 9 students who had Virginia losing in the championship game, I spoke with John McCormack, an Assumption College Senior, who explained, “I had Michigan winning it all but I had them beating Virginia so I’m lucky that I got at least one team to the championship.” Unfortunately, McCormack picked the wrong team, but he still was able to boost his bracket by having Virginia in the final game.

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