Siblings Weekend Carnival Takes Over Assumption

By Macee Buckley:

This weekend, Assumption’s Campus Activities Board hosted their annual Siblings Weekend. The weekend-long event kicked off on Friday night with bingo, but the highlight of the weekend was the carnival on Saturday afternoon.

The executives for the Siblings Weekend wanted it to have a space theme. Thus, resulting in the carnival to be called the “Out of This World Carnival”. Elements of the carnival also tied into the space theme, there was an alien laser tag and make your own flying saucer station. The Campus Activities Board promoted the event on their Instagram ad especially utilized the Instagram stories feature to promote the carnival to students.

Judging by what executives and attendees had to say about the event, the carnival did not disappoint. It brought in almost 400 students and siblings. Siblings Weekend Theme executive Lauren Andre was surprised at how many people came to the carnival throughout the day. She stated, “The attendance was much higher than we expected. The giveaways and activities motivated people to stay for more than just the food”. The Campus Activities Board was pleased with the turn out, as seen in the picture below.

Campus Activities Board executives Kenny, Lauren A, Lauren H and Kayli pose with the attendance totals.

As a member of the Campus Activities Board, I was able to see the event in its entirety, from set up to clean up. Several vendors were brought in to provide students and siblings with the opportunity to take part in the carnival by creating their own frisbees, taking photos, decorating cookies and playing games.

Despite all that there was to do and eat, the highlight of the carnival was the Cookie Monstah food truck. Students and siblings were able to enjoy colossal ice cream sandwiches. The truck had a few sandwich options to choose from including: a Classic, Dough Boy, Candy Shoppe or All Chocolate All the Time. The truck was so popular that it had sold out just one hour into the three-hour event. Check out a picture of these huge hits!

A Cookie Monstah Dough Boy sandwich!

Senior Michelle Connolly brought her little cousin Ava to the carnival. Ava, 5, loved making cookies with SGA, but her favorite part were the ice cream sandwiches. She said it was “mega” and “yum yum”. Michelle was so happy she could bring Ava to enjoy an Assumption tradition, but she was even happier that she could return Ava back to her parents with a sugar rush!

Different campus clubs also took part in the carnival, all using different activities to draw students and siblings in. Jamielya Shaw, President of the African and Latin Dance Club, hosted a station of temporary tattoos. She was pleased with the appeal to her station and said, “I wanted to do something artistic and found these on Amazon. I’m glad people like them.”

The biggest hit of the day? The Equestrian Club’s mini horse named Juliette. People flocked to the beautiful and calm animal. Members of the equestrian team said Juliette was happy to be out around people and loved the chance to eat some real grass. She was able to indulge in some healthy snacks though, as people were able to feed Juliette baby carrots.

When it was all finished, the Campus Activities Board executives were all happy that so many students and siblings enjoyed the afternoon. At the end of the day, what fun is it if you can’t share your experience with who you love?


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