Suspicious Death of Worcester Woman Remains a Mystery

By Gina LeDonne:

Sheila DeSimone was found dead on Jan. 7, 2019 in Worcester. (Facebook)
Submitted photo

The body of 46-year-old Sheila DeSimone was found just outside the donation bins at the Salvation Army in Worcester. Her body was discovered on January 7, 2019.

As of now, there is no conclusive ruling of death for DeSimone. The cause of death is pending the Medical Examiner’s report and toxicology report. Her husband, Axel Hernandez, is convinced his wife’s death was a murder even though police reports indicate DeSimone’s death does not appear to be a homicide.

DeSimone, who was released from prison in late December, had only been out of jail for two weeks prior to her death. Many, including her husband, find it suspicious she had only been released from prison for a short while before being found dead.

I asked Isabella Ruane, an Assumption College freshman majoring in Criminology, her thoughts of the story.

“It’s scary to think that such a weird circumstance happened so close to home” says Ruane. “It’s even scarier to think that the police have no idea what happened! Honestly, to me it sounds really suspicious. Considering her troubled past and involvement in the drug business, I don’t think this was accidental.”

DeSimone’s husband Axel Hernandez is furious with the Worcester Police Department. He believes that the police and detectives involved in the case are doing nothing to figure out the truth, and that the death of his wife was indeed a homicide. He tells Telegram, “They [the detectives] have not talked to me or let me know anything. All I know is that there was foul play.”

As of February 13, no further updates on DeSimone’s death have been released. The Worcester Police Department is almost certain that her death was not a homicide, but further evidence must be drawn in order to come to a conclusion.

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