Class Registration Again…

By: Stephon Hill:

Class registration…for some it is an extremely stressful process and to others it is nothing to ever sweat.

Over the next couple of weeks students will be determining the their plans for the next semester with what class they will have, including what professors they get and what time they take the classes.

When you are a student athlete you have to be especially mindful about the time slots in which you pick classes so they don’t conflict with meetings or practice time.

Rising junior Shawn Springs tried to pick his classes in the middle of another class. Trying to get the right schedule was a little more challenging due to the fact that he was late picking classes.

“Picking classes is not a stressful process to be honest,” Springs said. “But when you don’t get the classes you want or you’re waitlisted and not sure what to do next then that is when it gets messed up.”

Students usually know exactly what classes they want, so it is just about what professor you want to take the class with. For some it’s a big factor on whether they will enjoy it or even take the class.

But for other students, picking a professor is not a real chore for them as long as they get the class at the time they want.

Mason Spence, an upcoming junior and business management major, was not stressed about the process at all.

“It was a smooth process,” Spence said. “I got all the classes I needed but didn’t really care what teachers I got just depends on the times.”

The registration process is still going on. The underclassmen to start picking classes soon, so stay tuned to find out about their stress level in the upcoming days.

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