Fortnite: Why are we so Hooked?

By Anthony Cordoba:

College students across the globe are huddled around their consoles; in search for that next Victory Royale! And it’s not only college students. Whether you’re a pre-teen, an NBA star, a middle-school math teacher, or any other average Joe — you’re could likely hooked on Epic Games record setting video game: Fortnite (Battle Royale Mode).

So what is it that keeps us up playing all hours of the night? Is it the thrill of eliminating the next opponent? Ganging up with your buds and winning some epic squad matches? Or maybe it’s just the simple gameplay that always offers a new and fun experience.

Whatever the case may be, people are playing… A LOT. Just recently, icon, Tyler Blevins, better known for his gaming name “Ninja,” teamed up with rap-star Drake, Travis Scott, and Pittsburgh Steelers wide-receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, in an all-night gaming affair. is a streaming site that allows people to watch their favorite gamer play video games.

The group stayed up late playing from about 1 AM to 5 AM last week, shattering the viewer record, peaking at 635,000 live viewers. . . 335,000 more than the previous record:

Nonetheless, the population is eating the game up. Assumption College seniors are familiar with the game as well, as it’s a popular game in the college student community.

“I’m completely addicted. You’d be surprised how many times you want to keep playing, even after getting that first win on the day” Assumption senior James McNerney told me, “It’s the first thing I do after class and then I’ll usually play until 2 or 3 AM.”

Like most other people, James has to wait until he gets home from work or class to log some hours on Fortnite, but that’s not quite the case for Detroit Pistons’ center, Andre Drummond.

According to an interview done with CNN, Drummond is avidly working on improvement (hence the personal console assistant) and the game has “taken his life over”.

Overall, we’re seeing wide varieties of people joining together in the Fortnite community. It may be after school, before work, or around 3 AM in search for that final win before finally calling it a night, but either way — the game has become illustrious.




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