The Madness has Begun!

By Stephon Hill:

The season that most, if not all, sports fans have been waiting for, is here. There are just a few sporting events that bring everyone’s eyes together no matter what sport you may play or watch on a regular basis. Like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, the college football bowl/championship games, March Madness seems to be must watch TV.

Get your brackets ready because it is here. From business men and women to the college student, everyone is paying very close attention to the games this year.

Even at Assumption College, students are anxious to leave their last classes of the day to go watch the games.

Talking with students like John McCormack, who has participated in bracket challenges for quite sometime, it is very important to him about who he watches and who wins.

“So I play March madness every year and I bet on It every year,” McCormack said. “It’s one of my favorite sporting events, and being a huge basketball fan and player I love watching kids my age and younger playing my on national TV in front of millions.”

McCormack says he is looking for Duke to win it all this season. His bracket depends on it!

“This year I picked Duke to win It all and I’m pissed at how hard their region is,” McCormack said.”Duke, MSU, and Kansas have all been top 5 teams all year and they’re gonna have to play each at some point in this tourney.”

Upsets are being made and brackets are being broken with 11-seed Loyola upsetting 6 seed Miami on last second three-point shot.

The NCAA prohibits student athletes to bet on games or take part in bracket challenges where there is an entry fee or money involved. Talking with Assumption junior linebacker, Calvin Milliner, he says he wishes he could make bets on the brackets because he’s watching the games, so why not get paid for it.

“I basically watch all the games,” Milliner said. “Say my bracket actually is right, I’d like to get paid for my great work.”

As the madness continues all throughout this month, the stakes are only going to get higher and higher. The question is who is moving their way through the rankings and whose bracket is falling apart.

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