By Jasmine Hayward:

This week, rapper Meek Mill and legal team are calling for a social justice reform.

If you aren’t familiar with this name, Mill is a rapper from Philadelphia, PA and is known for his gangsta rap and street look. Late last year, Meek Mill was charged for violating probation for “popping a wheelie” and posting the video to social media. He was later sentenced to 2-4 years.

Mill had been on probation since he was 19 years old, and the court system has been continuing to extend his probation. He has been in and out of jail for minor charges like the one he just had.

His case stirred up a lot of controversy with people who have followed his case.  It’s all over social media with the hashtag #FreeMeekMill.

Mill’s supporters are upset at the way justice has been served in this case. Rapper Jay-Z states “the prison stalks black people like Meek Mill”. He goes further with saying that Mill had been on probation since he was a teenager and probation is a way of tracking black people and putting them back in jail.

Today, Mill has millions of supporters as he continues to fight for his freedom and a social justice reform. He’s impacted a lot of people with this case including the Philadelphia Eagles who opened up the super bowl with his song. He’s impacted many celebrities, civil rights activist, and his fans all around the country. Even at Assumption College, we have people who followed Mill’s case and feel the justice system isn’t where it needs to be.

Professor Lucia Knoles, an English professor who has a background with race and literature, talked about the case.

She said she is happy this happened to him. She’s not happy that he’s in jail, and wrongfully serving time. But she is happy that a black person with money is publicizing this issue. This same issue of people being trapped in the system because they are on probation happens everyday.

Knoles goes to talk about, if we get a social reform, hopefully they will look into whether or not probation is the best thing for people, because what it really does is make the chance more likely that you will go back to jail especially if you are black.

A junior at Assumption College Edil Yassin signed a petition for Mill to get his justice that was trending on Facebook. She spoke on the issue stating “ I Love Meek Mill for his amazing lyrics and realness, and I can’t believe this is happening to him.”

Mill still seeks justice.  He is serving his 2-4 years with hopes of being released. However, Mill has millions of supporters and people pressuring the system for change including the prosecuting attorney on the case. We all sit back as we await justice for Meek Mill. #FreeMeekMill.

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