New Head Coach Inherits an Elite Championship Team

By Stephon Hill:

With Robert Chesney taking a new job at the College of the Holy Cross in mid December, the Assumption College football team went about a month without the knowledge of who was going to lead their team. On February 2, 2018 all of that changed.

Assumption College tweeted out on Feb. 2, 2018 they had hired Andy McKenzie as their new Head Coach.

The Greyhounds put on their website about how they’re excited about the new coach. Assumption College’s interim Athletic Director Peter Gradula said, “I am thrilled to welcome Andy McKenzie to the Assumption College Community as our next head football coach.”

Coach McKenzie has 20 years of coaching under his belt, in D3, D2, and D1. He most recently coached at The College of Holy Cross where he was the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for eight years, 2008-2015.

Even local journalists like Jennifer Toland have gotten ahold of this story…

According to the Worcester Telegram and the reports of Jennifer Toland, McKenzie likes the opportunity placed in front him with this team and this community. He understands the challenge he has ahead of him and looks to face it head on.

McKenzie has had to start the recruiting process right away since “National Signing Day” was Feb. 7. The program was behind schedule compared to other programs who had a full staff. He has not only had to recruit for players but for coaches as well and both of these activities have had to happen quickly and carefully.

Assumption football tweeted some of their new commits to the program on signing day. These are just a few of the new pieces McKenzie and his staff have helped to bring in for the 2018 season.

He is still working on filling his coaching staff. He has had interviews and visits with some coaches, but no final decisions have been made at this point in time.

With spring ball coming soon for the Greyhounds there are still some questions, like who will the other coaches be? Where will certain players fit in the new scheme and on the team? One thing they do know is that no matter what, they have a new captain steering the ship in Andy McKenzie.

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