Nassar Behind Bars, How He Got There

By Julie Craven:

Larry Nassar, a former USA gymnastics doctor, and physician at Michigan State University, has been sentenced up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing the gymnasts. More than 150 women testified against Nassar, many say he was sexually assaulting them while trying to make it appear like he was performing “treatments.”

Nassar had listened to a number of victims tell their story, as according to Time “more than 60 young women spoke at the court.”

NBC News reported on February 5th, Nassar got another 40 to 125 years and a Michigan judge did not believe he was sorry for his crimes.

Since Nassar’s court hearing has been publicized through the media, a recent issue came out involving Simone Biles, a USA gymnast, who shared how Nassar has affected her emotionally, but she is not ready to stop her career as a professional gymnast.

January 31st, CNN tweeted out an article along with a quote from Biles who says Nassar should have gotten “like 3,000 years.” The endless support from her teammates is what is helping her through this.

“Once we go out there, we go out with full heart and compete, because that’s what we love to do, and represent our country.”

Many other women who have been impacted by Nassar’s abuse have spoken out and shared their chilling stories. Through this process they have gotten very supportive feedback from the public…

Randall Margraves, a father of three daughters who were also molested by Nassar, attempted to “attack” him in a Eaton County, Michigan courtroom. CNN tweeted out a video on February 2nd, capturing the rage this father was feeling.

The father’s rage, according to CNN, stemmed from Nassar “shaking his head, like it didn’t happen” as the Margraves was speaking.

The father was not charged in the attack. People have donated more than $30,000 for Margraves. Rather than keeping the money, he decided to pay it forward and donated it to the victims of sexual assault.

Last Friday (February 9th), Nassar was transported to Tucson prison on a private jet to begin his “60 year sentence” as TMZ states.

The flight wasn’t as glorious as it sounds, as TMZ says he was “shackled and surrounded by law enforcement officials.”

Now, these young women finally got the justice they were looking for, as Larry Nassar is now “inmate 21504-040” according to CNN.

The gymnasts can “finally breathe” as NBC News says.


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