Brockton Mother Claims Voodoo Made Her Murder Her Two Young Boys

By Jasmine Hayward:


Latarsha Sanders, 43 of Brockton, MA, is charged with stabbing two of her children 5 & 8 years old in her third story Prospect st. apartment in Brockton. Sanders reportedly told police voodoo rituals led her to killing the boys. Sanders told neighbors to call the police Monday, February 5th, and according the The Enterprise when the ambulance and police arrived the children were already announced dead.

Plymouth District Attorney Timothy Cruz announced Sanders had been charged for the murders of her two boys Edson and Lason Brito.  The mayor of Brockton Bill Carpenter tweeted a photo of Cruz as he announced Sanders charges.

According to the Boston Herald Sanders states it was all part of a ritual. She went for Edson, 8, first.  Prosecutors say she stabbed him about 50 times. The ritual didn’t work for Edson and Sanders said she had “failed.” Then she went for the younger one of the two and stabbed him to death. Sanders is now awaiting court to be sentenced.

Today, a memorial of the two boys stands, as the city of Brockton mourns the loss of the two children.

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