Trump Rallies to “Make America Great Again”

By Patrick Giroux

Nearly 10,500 people made their way into the DCU Center Arena on Wednesday, November 18 to the “Donald J. Trump for President” Rally. The Rally, which was organized just days prior, drew people in from all New England and beyond. Donald Trump, a presidential hopeful, made his way onto stage with cheers of supporters yelling “USA” and “We want Trump.”

Full house for the Trump Rally.

Though the rally started 25 minutes after its scheduled start time of 7 p.m., Trump claimed there were “3,000 people waiting outside to get inside,” he stalled the Rally to let those outside into the DCU. Indeed there were many outside waiting to get in—so many, the DCU arena had to raise partitions on their upper-level seating to make room for more people. One DCU staff member, who wished to be left unidentified, stated the event “drew in a much larger crowd than expected. I didn’t think it would sell out like this.”

The sold out crowd was very thankful for the Trump campaign for giving out the free tickets to draw in the sold-out crowd. Since the Rally’s announcement last week, supporters could register for complimentary tickets on Event Brite, and they could just show up to the Rally for free—not including the $20 parking fee area lots charged for the event.

As supporters entered the DCU, they were greeted with airport-style security, TSA and all. Supporters were instructed to empty all pockets, take off jackets, and walk through metal detectors before the TSA Officers and Secret Security officials let supporters into the Rally. Bomb-sniffing dogs, several Secret Service Agents, and uniformed Worcester Police Officers were seen throughout the event, both on the floor by the stage, and up in the high sections of seats to ensure there were no unusual behaviors going on, or anything out of the ordinary to keep all who attended safe.

Outside the arena, anti-Trump supporters had their own rally, yelling chants in hope of raising awareness or think about some of Trump’s political stances including immigration.

Trump outlining his ideas to “Make America Great Again.”or spread advocacy to think against Trump. They stood by the barricades getting into the DCU and walked with signs, many with negative comments about some of Trump’s proposed ideas.

The night was a seen as a successful event to many, and those who attended were grateful for Trump’s campaign team for selecting Worcester as a campaign stop. Although some demonstrators were taken out by authorities in the arena after causing disruptions (one shouting “Trump is a racist”), the majority of Trump’s supporters behaved well cheering for Trump and his ideas to “Make America Great Again.”

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