Massachusetts college students and political involvement

Most Mass. college students we spoke to are registered to vote, or plan to be fully registered, by the time that the 2016 presidential election takes place.

21 year-old Becker College student, Sabrina Thibeault, is registered to vote. She is registered in her home town of North Brookfield, Mass.

20-year-old Assumption College student, Rebecca Rengucci-Cully, says that she is not registered to vote. 

22-year-old Worcester State University senior, Caitlynn Mcaffrey, is registered to vote as an independent

20-year-old Framingham State University student, Sydney Rendell, is registered to vote in Framingham, Mass. 

20-year-old Assumption College junior, Tammy Turner, is registered to vote out of state, in her home town of Rutland, Vermont. 

21-year-old WPI student, Tyler Nickerson, who is currently studying abroad in China, is registered to vote in the city of Cambridge, Mass. 

As of February 2015, Massachusetts’ voter registration totaled 4,074,155. Of this total number of registered voters, 1,428,980 of them are registered as Democrats and 445,900 are registered as Republicans.

One thought on “Massachusetts college students and political involvement

  1. Sabrina Thibeault

    Mass. is generally a democratic dominated state. But I wonder how many people that are registered and do vote actually keep up with the debates and have a clear opinion on matters?


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