Thoughts on #Mizzou

News and Analysis:

By Ivana Andrews

This past week, news regarding incidents of racism on the University of Missouri campus have been blasted all over social media amongst various other media outlets.  For those who haven’t been following the story, here’s a quick recap:

According to reports, (Huffington PostWashington Post, New York Times) incidents of racism were wildly mishandled at the University of Missouri by now former President, Tim Wolfe. Minority students have reported being barraged with racial slurs and harassment from the school’s mainly white demographic.  Students initiated a hunger strike that would not end until Wolfe stepped down from his position at the university.  The Mizzou football team also played a major role in drawing attention to the issue.  Football players protested the instances of racial slander by refusing to practice or play until something was done.  Monday morning, Wolfe resigned from his position initiating a first step in the healing process necessary on the Mizzou campus.

Racism on college campuses is not a new issue.  The extremity of the protest on Mizzou’s campus is bringing overdue, and much needed coverage to the matter.  This brings about the question:  would anything like this occur on Assumption College’s campus?

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