Favorite Place To Eat and Best Meal on Campus?

By: Roslyn Flaherty

Where is your favorite place to eat on Assumption College’s Campus? Is it Taylor Dining Hall, Charlie’s, Dunkin Donuts, or somewhere off campus? In a recent survey, students voiced their opinions, saying where their favorite place to eat was and what their favorite meal was.


Coming in first place with a sample size of 51 students 43.14% of students say they enjoy eating off campus more than eating on campus. Students named local restaurants like the Boynton and New England Roast Beef, as their favorite spots to eat.

Coming in second place was Charlie’s, a more of a snack bar type feel of a dining hall on campus weighing in at 25.49% with a sample size of 51 students. Students had many different opinions about what their favorite meal was to get at Charlie’s, with most people saying the Stir Fry, a custom salad, or the quesadillas. Below is another survey, where you can vote what your favorite meal is out of those three options. What will the top choice be? Be sure to give your opinion.


Behind Charlie’s, there was a tie between Taylor Dining Hall and the Dunkin Donuts located on campus. Most people said they enjoy a coffee and bagel at Dunkin, and others said they enjoy Taylor Dining Hall’s breakfast.

You can still vote where your favorite place to eat on campus in down below, and be sure to check back here to find out what meal is student’s favorite at Charlie’s.


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