Homecoming Brings Past and Present Hounds Together

By Patrick Giroux

On Saturday, November 7, the Assumption College Office of Institutional Advancement and the Philanthropy Club sponsored Homecoming, a weekend dedicated to welcoming Alumni to campus and also connecting current students to campus life, by means of food, beverages, a fair, and football game.

Themed floats were part of Saturday’s celebration

The planning for Homecoming 2015 began back during the summer when the Office of Institutional Advancement drafted up ideas to connect students with Alumni, with the ultimate goal of making students aware of Alumni and donor’s impact on Assumption’s Campus. From here, the Philanthropy Club was formed, which was ultimately charged with the task of re-designing Homecoming.

Prior to this year’s event, Homecoming was always a weekend dedicated to Alumni. A pavilion with food, beverages, game tickets, and special novelties were provided to Alumni for a cost of $25, and students simply came to the football game as if it were any other game– but not this year.

Wizard of Oz themed decorations were spread throughout campus to build up the hype for the events

Students of the Philanthropy Club put countless hours into Homecoming 2015. They named the weekend “There’s No Place Like Homecoming,” and had a Wizard of Oz theme. Floats, decorations, and giveaways were geared toward the theme, and students enjoyed a Homecoming Fair featuring clubs and organizations handing out giveaways, candy, and offering games, all while the Alumni enjoyed their respective activities.

In addition to the Homecoming Fair, Sodexo sponsored an outdoor lunch, with club sandwiches and desserts, and members of the senior class enjoyed a senior tent, whereby those seniors who were of age were provided with two beers, compliments of Institutional Advancement. Sarah Kupec ’15, Assistant Director of the Assumption Fund, and the coordinator of Homecoming stated “this tent was a privilege for Assumption seniors, and it provides them with a separate area at the event to have some unity and senior pride.”

Indeed the day was a huge success due to the countless hours and time those involved put into it, and the Assumption Football Team certainly added some spirit to the event, as they beat Stonehill 28-14.

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