The Essentials, of Spring ’16 Course Registration

How to find WebAdvisor in the new Assumption College Portal.
How to find WebAdvisor in the new Assumption College Portal.

By Kathryn Joann Severance

TO ACCESS STUDENT PLANNING AND REGISTRATION in order to plan your course schedule and register:

 1.    Under the ”Self-Service Menu” heading, click on “WebAdvisor for Students.”

2.    Then choose “Academic Planning.”

3.    Then click on “Student Planning and Registration.”

4.    Remember to arrow over to the Spring 2016 term to see your approved courses and to register

Course registration is here once again, as the fall 2015 semester at Assumption College hits the halfway mark. Emails are arriving from the Registrar, the Dean, advisors, and department heads about what courses students should take, one-by-one. Most students express that their biggest concern with course registration is figuring out what options are the best for their schedule, between working, playing sports (both intramural and college-level), involvement in campus organizations, and maintaining a social life.

Registration can be especially challenging for first-year students, sophomores, and transfer students. Whether the spring 2015 semester is your first spring at Assumption College or your last, it’s important that you know which day your particular graduating class is scheduled to register, as well as the course offerings that exist.

As always, each class has their own separate day for course registration. This is done to minimize the chances of the WebAdvisor registration program, or on-campus Internet systems, from becoming overloaded. Traditionally, upperclassmen are given priority in course registration, allowing them the first few days of registration, while allowing underclassmen the last few days. This is done to ensure that graduating seniors and juniors who may be preparing to study abroad or complete internships are able to schedule the courses they need to graduate on time.

Upperclassman registration will take place next week. Seniors (class of 2016) will be able to register on Monday, November 9, through Tuesday, November 10. Juniors (class of 2017) will have the opportunity to register on Wednesday, November 11, through Thursday, November 12.  Underclassmen registration will take place the following week. The sophomore (class of 2018) registration time is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 16 and end on November 17. First-year students (class of 2019) will be able to register on the last two days of the registration period, on Wednesday, November 18 and Thursday, November 19. Per usual, there will be a period of two days for any registration adjustments to be made. On these days, from Monday, November 23 through Tuesday, November 24, all undergraduate students may make registration adjustments.

All students who will be studying abroad at the College’s secondary campus in Rome must register for their spring 2016 courses with Dr. Eloise Knowlton, Dean of Undergraduate Studies. To register with Dean Knowlton, visit her office, number 202, in La Maison Francaise. To find out her hours, email her from your Assumption email, at, or call her office, at (508)-767-7487.

At the midterm of each semester, Dean Knowlton routinely sends students a comprehensive list of the Writing Emphasis (WE) courses that will be available during the upcoming semester. Early on Monday, October 28, the Dean sent a memo out to all undergraduate students, including those who are currently studying abroad. She sent out a follow-up email listing another option that was not included in the initial list of courses a few hours after.

The Dean offered additional tips on course registration in an email, on Thursday, October 29. According to the Dean, issues have arisen with WebAdvisor. It’s not a technological issue, but rather one with how courses should be added and approved by advisers. Advising both students and faculty, the Dean’s memo instructed advisers on how to avoid experiencing this particular issue, and students on how to go about adding courses without experiencing issues.

“The WebAdvisor system is not permitting advisors to approve more than one section of a course. When advisees [students] register, they will need the flexibility of more than one approved section of each course. So it’s probably best for advisors to approve the course only. Then advisees can go back in and select sections, and be ready for registration when the window opens,” Dean Knowlton explained.

Every undergraduate student should have received an email letting them know which group they are in for registration times on Thursday, November 5, around noon. This email comes from Dean Knowlton and will let a student know their group letter, in case they have forgotten, as well as their registration time. A registration time, is the time in which a particular student’s WebAdvisor form, will allow them to begin registering for classes. At Assumption, all of these times occur around 7 a.m. and are within 15 minutes of each other. Undergraduate students keep their registration group letter (letters A-D), for all of their time at Assumption, until they graduate, transfer, or leave the College for other pursuits.

Here are some useful resources for students to access if they have issues, or questions regarding the spring 2016 course registration processes. 

TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT: Tech issues, such as login or screen refresh problems, should be directed to the IT Help Desk. Help Desk contact information is as follows:  508-767-7060 (from a campus phone, ext. 7060)

  REGISTRAR’S OFFICE PHONE SUPPORT:  Main number 508-767-7355 (from a campus phone, ext. 7355).

MOBILE DEVICE REMINDER: If you use a mobile device such as a tablet or iPhone to register, just keep scrolling down the Portal homepage until you see the WebAdvisor/Self-Service heading.


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