Release the Hounds!

F Tim Kasper(’16) makes a grand entrance at this year’s Midnight Madness
Senior Hosts Kendall Dardy-Jones and Meghan Campbell
Senior Hosts Kendall Dardy-Jones and Meghan Campbell

By Mwaniki Muturi

This past Thursday students got to show off their school spirit in Laska Gymnasium as Assumption held their annual Midnight Madness event. Students filled the bleachers with their classmates, and you could see nothing but Greyhound pride as students cheered throughout the night. The Student Government Association decided to switch things up this year, adding onto the innovation that made last year’s Midnight Madness such a success. Lauren McCarthy, SGA’s Vice President of Student Affairs, can attest to the hours that were put in to make this year’s Midnight Madness unforgettable. “Last year’s Midnight Madness truly set a new standard and we only wanted to raise the bar. By reaching out to key figures in the athletic department and getting help from Sodexo Food Services we were able to make sure that this year’s Midnight Madness would go off without a hitch,” says McCarthy. “This year we also decided to keep things in-house, enlisting fellow classmates to ensure our students would be entertained throughout the night.” This year the event was hosted by Seniors Meghan Campbell and Kendall Dardy-Jones.

Senior women’s basketball players Kelly Conley and Anne-Marie Iduyusi were both especially happy to be able to partake in this event one last time. “The feeling was indescribable. There was just so much adrenaline rushing through us when we ran out onto the court,” says Conley. “The lights and the smoke created an incredible atmosphere, it was almost breathtaking being surrounded by so much energy.” Conley and Iduyusi both were very excited for the new events that took place during this year’s Midnight Madness. This year, in addition to the frozen t-shirt contest, students and staff got to participate in a game of musical chairs as well as a game of knockout. “A lot of focus goes on the men’s and women’s basketball teams for Midnight Madness, but really it’s about bringing together the Assumption community. It really is uplifting to see so many of our classmates come together and show their support throughout the season, and I loved the fact that this year’s Midnight Madness we got to celebrate our student body and cheer for them just as proudly as they cheer for us,” says Iduyusi.

The Women's Basketball team pose with Pierre the Greyhound
The Women’s Basketball team takes a photo with Pierre the Greyhound

With the school fired up this season, Assumption basketball is ready to make its mark this year. “I can’t wait to see the same faces in the bleachers at our home games,” says Conley. “It has been a privilege to be part of such a great program, and I’m positive that this season will be one that I’ll never forget.”

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