Just Keep Peddling

Freshman Caitlin Mirabell proudly holds her unicycle

By Patrick Giroux

Freshmen Caitlin Mirabell from Long Island, NY has been featured on more Snapchat Stories than most, and it’s not due to her stellar performance in softball.

Ever see a student making their way around campus by means of a unicycle? Well, if you have, the AC 301 tracked her down and got the insight as to who she is and the talent she possess. Caitlin may be a first-year student, but her presence is well known around campus. Since self-teaching herself how to ride the unicycle in the fourth grade, she’s been calling her unicycle a “way to get around.”

Though it only took her three days to get the handle of it, she was inspired to learn the talent from her elementary school mini-circus. “Students would come into the mini-circus day with little tricks and talents. “But me? I wanted to bring something different. So I bought a unicycle and was
determined to learn it to perform in front of my peers,” Caitlin exclaimed.

Though she does not ride it to class often, due to the lack of storage space in the classroom, Caitlin rides it avidly out of class time to softball practice, to the dining hall, and back to Salisbury Hall. She makes it a goal to ride it every day.

One of the most interesting things about the unicycle is that it does not have any brakes. She often rides it up and down Worcester Hill, and lets gravity take control as she free falls down the hill towards the Plourde. “It brings some excitement knowing there aren’t any brakes– but don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some close encounters to falling,” she said.

group photoc
Caitlin with two of her friends, both which hope to master the talent of Caitlin’s unicycle

One of the most entertaining things, other than constant phones following Caitlin’s path are Caitlin’s friends which have all tried to learn the skill of the unicycle. In fact, two of her friends accompanied the interview and stated they have both tried, many times, to ride it up and down the hallway and have not had a successful attempt yet.

The unicycle may be a “way of life” for Caitlin, but it surely brings a smile to the faces she passes as she wheels around campus.

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