Doing Laundry Is No Longer “The Hunger Games”

By Roslyn Flaherty

“There would be one washing machine working for 200 people, and no one would come and fix them when we would call. It was ridiculous,” says senior James Rossi.


Assumption College students don’t have to worry about this problem anymore now that every dorm on campus has received new washing machines, with new dryers coming in the near future. Over the summer, the college met with a laundry company called Mac-Gray, who provided these new machines and will be servicing them. The scheduler and coordinator of laundry activities on campus Sabine Prizio, says that they were receiving a lot of complaints about the old machines, and that the machines could no longer be used.

“As equipment approached its end of useful life, more mechanical failures would occur.”


There will be a new feature on these machines called “laundry view” which will be installed within the next few weeks. This new feature allows students to review the current status of the machines based on laundry room location. Student body president Patrick Giroux says each machine will have a box on the top, and that box is hooked up to a server.

“You can download a custom-built app for Assumption College and you will be able to look at all the laundry rooms on campus and you will be able to see a virtual laundry room.”

With this app, you will be able to see which machines are taken and which machines are open to use. “Laundry view” will also be sending notifications to Mac-Gray if a problem with the machine occurs, and they will come to service it, as well as the college being part of a new maintenance contract which will quicken future repairs. Senior Kristen Marn is very happy about these new features.

“Now I don’t have to run down to the laundry room with all my clothes to see which machine is open, and now they will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Doing laundry here was a very stressful situation, but now I think it will be so much more less stressful.”

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