Pink Out Game Brings in Big Donations for Cancer Research

By Caitlyn Thompson

The Assumption Women’s Soccer team took the field against Stonehill College last night in their 2nd Annual Pink Out Game with more goals in mind than simply scoring. The team hopes to raise $1,000 by the end of this week for the American Cancer Society.

Traditionally, Pink Out Games have been played to raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research. However, as Coach Kevin Meek expressed earlier this week, “We are looking to raise awareness for breast cancer, but also focused on any cancer as we are hoping for the very best for [my] one year old niece that has been diagnosed with leukemia.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the odds of being diagnosed with cancer are about 1 in 2. The odds of knowing someone with cancer are even greater. Many of the Lady Hounds have personal connections to the diseases, and see the Pink Out as their way of contributing in the fight against cancer.

“Both my grandparents had breast cancer, but were able to fight through it,” said sophomore forward Amanda Arnold. “[Coach Meek’s] wife unfortunately battled through breast cancer too. So, this game is definitely meaningful to not only me but all the girls on our team, it gives us another purpose to play.”

Senior forward and captain Katie Bealka was thrilled when she heard that her team would be hosting their second Pink Out game. “Playing in the Pink Out game allows us to support a cause that is greater than an individual alone. Being able to wear pink in our hair and on our socks is something to be proud of and we all love supporting those with breast cancer.” 

While the Lady Hounds were busy on the field sealing their 2-0 win over Stonehill, members from the Assumption Against Cancer committee helped with fundraising. The two groups teamed up for the Pink Out game last year, and joined forces yet again for an extremely successful night. 

Reflecting on last year’s event, sophomore defender Carolyn Cook recalls, “Our first Pink Out game went pretty well. We showed a lot of support as this was our first playoff game [in the 2014 season] and we sold t-shirts to raise money. I hope this year we can go above and beyond!”

The Assumption Women’s Soccer team did just that. Through the sales of t-shirts and raffle tickets, as well as through general donations, the Pink Out game raised over $500 for the American Cancer Society. This is five times the amount they were able to raise at last year’s Pink Out game.

However, the team’s work does not stop there. In order to reach their $1,000 goal, t-shirt sales will continue. The Lady Hounds will have a table set up in Charlie’s on Friday October 2 where students and staff will be able to purchase Hounds Soccer shirts for $15.

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