Libyan World Culture Under Threat; Dr. Susan Kane Speaks Out

By Ivana Andrews

Monday night Dr. Susan Kane, an esteemed art historian, came to Assumption College to discuss the current threat to Libyan World Culture.  Kane worked regularly in Libya, more specifically in the cultural hot spot, Cyrene.  Cyrene has fallen victim to multiple incidents of looting during the two revolutions that took place in Libya.  Not only is looting a factor, but urban development has begun to encroach upon these sites, creating even more of a threat to them.



Pictured above are a few of the artifacts stolen from the Cyrene Museum, which appeared on the black market soon after.  Because of this, Kane assisted in creating a log of the items to keep better track of them.  “Documenting all of the artifacts will take at least twenty-four years,” Kane said.

Currently, Kane and her colleagues are working to preserve this cultural heritage through the process aforementioned.  A group is leaving Libya to return to the U.S. shortly.  Kane will be returning to Assumption College in the Spring for a continuation of her lecture.



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