Assumption College – Walk For Peace

By Fabian Rivera


Worcester, MA – On December 10th, Assumption College held a peace and equality walk to stand up against what organizers call the recent injustices in our society. Students, professors, campus police, priests, and faculty were all present as the group met in the Alaska lobby.

Dean of campus life, Conway Campbell Sr. stated, “I’ve been here for many years and Assumption haven’t done too many events like this one. This really is for a great cause and students need to do this more.”

The march was put on by the ALANA network at Assumption college and sponsored by SGA, student affairs, and the social justice committee at Assumption.

The group walked all throughout campus and chanted “No Justice! No Peace!” Students held signs and the group marched through campus despite the frigid temperature and heavy winds.

photo 3

The march concluded at the president’s christmas buffet dinner as Dean Conway led the group in a prayer. As a second part to the march, there was a forum discussion held in order for everyone to voice their opinion. The discussion was led by history professor Keyes, sociology professor Kaufman, and the associate director of the multicultural office from the College of the Holy Cross, Robert Jones.

The group bowing their heads during prayer
The group bowing their heads during prayer

“The goal of this walk is to raise awareness in a peaceful manner and stand in solidarity with those who are suffering. And seek awareness of past injustice in hopes of creating a better educated public with the goal that injustices not perpetuated in the future” said Kevin an active board member of the ALANA network.

Senior Cam stated “My freshman year we walked for Trayvon [Martin] as we had our hoodies on. Three years later here we are again. A constant recognition of a problem that is not going away is what this school and  the entire country needs.”

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