Music at Assumption – How You Can Get Involved

By: Fabian Rivera

As Assumption College is known for being a liberal arts college, the arts may sometimes get overlooked with students touring the campus. There are a handful of music majors and it seems like they have little to no opportunities to showcase their talent or express themselves musically. A great way for both singers and instrumentalist to get involved is by playing for the mass on Sundays at 7pm.

Chapel of the Holy Spirit

The chapel choir has rehearsal every Thursday evening from 7pm until 8:30pm and they go over the program for Mass as well as preparing for future events such as special masses for Christmas and Lent. Students in the choir range from first year freshman to seniors who help lead along with the music ministry director, Margaret Tartaglia, also known as Mrs. T.

The choir includes singers, violinist, flutist, a trumpeter, pianist, and an organist.

Inside the Chapel of the Holy Spirit

Students enjoy their contribution to the choir and forget at times that it is for a religious purpose, a great way to stay in touch with their faith and their passion for music. Catch the chapel choir performing every Sunday night at Assumption College located in the Chapel of Holy Spirit.

Music is out there, you just have to find it and get involved.

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