#CharlesManson Controversy Sparked as Convicted Murderer Gets a Marriage License

By: Erin Ziomek

The recent announcement that convicted and jailed mass murderer Charles Manson has obtained a license to wed, is stirring controversy over social media. Manson, 80, is set to marry a 26 year-old-woman named Afton Elaine Burton, who goes by the name Star. Several social media users have reacted negatively to the news, including LGBT attorney group Pride Legal, which tweeted…

Several other tweets posted had similar criticisms of Manson’s impending marriage. Time magazine’s Twitter page posted…

According to Time, Elaine Burton, or Star, has followed Manson since she was 17, when she discovered some of Manson’s environmental writings and decided to get in touch with him.   Rolling Stone reports Manson and his bride will be allowed 10-guests, but since he is serving a life sentence, there will be no conjugal visits. According to CNN, Star updates Manson’s website, MansonDirect.com, and is attempting to get him out of jail, arguing that he is innocent of the August 1969 murders.

Manson and his followers also run an online organization called ATWA (Air Trees Water Animals), of which Star is a member. “The only thing that he’s trying to manipulate people into doing is planting trees and cleaning up the earth,” Star told CNN. 

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