CAB Aims to Expand GrooveBoston Event

By Hannah Coombs:

Photo from last year’s GrooveBoston event.


This year’s Winter Bash event, sponsored by Assumption’s Campus Activities Board, is coming back to campus in December. The event, which originated as a winter formal, has been replaced by a massive scale techno dance party that will now make its second appearance on campus. With advertisements beginning a few weeks ago, over 700 students have since purchased their tickets and sales continue until the end of the month. CAB Executive for the event, Allie Zinni ’16 says the goal is to sell 1000 tickets total with a maximum sell out of 1500.

Students line up to purchase their tickets before they sell out.
Students line up to purchase their tickets before they sell out.

According to Zinni, the Catholic mission of the school creates a series of narrow restrictions on events that can come to campus, including events such as GrooveBoston. The college shares many other institutions’ fear that the event will promote substance abuse and will go against the college mission.

The Office of Student Activities, the office responsible for regulating and approving events sponsored by the Campus Activities Board, had taken several measures to prevent substance abuse at last year’s event. Measures included major increases in security personnel on site, ambulances as well as paramedics. Last year’s event provided Rage Responsibly kits delivered to student’s door prior to the event with a mean and water. This year’s event will provide light snacks and water at the event.

Even with a year of event planning and major success from the first GrooveBoston event, the executives and administrators are hesitant about the goal of increasing the number of attendants. CAB Chairperson, Beth Coogan ’15, “Our goal is not too challenging, the venue of Plourde is more than accommodating for our goal of attendants and administration has been very helpful in allowing us to make this happen”. CAB’s overarching goal is to include more students in the Assumption community in an event that could transform into a school-wide tradition and the demand is growing.

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