Is Senate loss really President Obama’s Fault?

By Patrick Cannon

After the election last Tuesday night, that saw the Democrats lose the Senate, and lose even more seats in the House, President Barack Obama, on Sunday, said that it was his fault. He believed it was his fault because he did not communicate his positions well enough. He does not believe, however, that the loss was due to people refuting his ideas, as some of the Republicans believe.

This might surprise some people, given the fact that most Democrats would not campaign with the President, and even went so far as to distance themselves from his policies. So how exactly is it his fault? President Obama says it is his fault because he is the leader of the Democratic Party, and that it is his job to communicate his ideas to the public effectively. This is something he says that he could do better.

It remains to be seen, however, just what this loss means for the President, and if the country can work effectively with two parties fighting with each other for power. Both sides, however, seem geared up for a fight over immigration reform, with the republicans warning President Obama that if he tries an executive order, then they will not work with him in the future. It remains to be seen what the President will do. It is clear, however, that the President wants Congress to do something.

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