COMMENTARY: Question Three: Will Casinos Remain Law in Massachusetts?

By Patrick Cannon

It seems to me that everyone is getting in to a tizzy about the casino law. It is on the ballot yet again. People in Massachusetts passed a law that would allow casinos to be built, and gambling would be legal.

Now, some want the law repealed, because some people feel that this will be bad for the economy, and that people will become addicted to gambling. They are afraid that casinos will only have a short-term benefit, and that in the long run it is just not worth it. People who are against casinos, also tell us to look at Atlantic City were most of the brand spanking new casinos sit closed down and empty. They ask if we want to be like AC.

Folks on the other side of the argument say that it is their right to gamble, and that you cannot make laws based on bad things that some people might do. Also, they argue that it will help create jobs in constructions and jobs long-term after the casinos are built. Also, it will drive tourists to Massachusetts.

It is up to the people of Massachusetts to decide whether they want casinos or not. Outside interest groups who have promoted casinos or called for there repeal, should stay out of it, and let the people decide. I hope that this article has helped you understand the issue, so you will be able to vote confidently.

When the law first passed, the state was in trouble because of the recession that hit in 2008. Now, however, things are much more stable, so people may not feel that we need the jobs and added revenue. We will see if people feel that their individual rights are more important than the vice of gambling itself. As they say, you cannot legislate morals.

I don’t know whether or not the gambling law will stay in effect or whether the people of Massachusetts will repeal it, but I do know that the people will have spoken.,_Question_3_(2014)

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