Who do you side with? Check here! @marthacoakley @CharlieForGov #PoliticsWeek

Unsure who to vote for this coming election in Massachusetts? Well check out this ~10 minute quiz to see which parties you probably line up with most!


Keep in mind that all quizzes, certified or not, are always subject to difference and often you may not find the answers you are looking for on certain issues. As always, one is recommended to research the issues themselves and learn how these things affect their lives as a whole. A simple search on any search engine can yield great results.

Also, check out their campaign websites to see where Martha Coakley and Charlie Baker stand on the issues in their run for governor.

Coakley: http://www.marthacoakley.com/issues

Baker: https://www.charliebaker2014.com/issues

Don’t forget to vote this coming Tuesday November 4th if you are a registered voter in Massachusetts.

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